Responsible gaming is all about controlling your gambling

The majority of players find online gaming to be an enjoyable recreation with amazing thrills and excitement. However gambling can become addictive and therefore we want to help you to control your gambling needs. This can be done by taking a break or setting limits.

Taking a break

If you feel the need to take a break from playing games of chance at Fortuin Casino this is definitely possible. It is important to understand that taking a break by using this system is done with immediate effect and will completely block access to your account during the time you wish the account to be locked. While the account is locked you are not able to login, to deposit, to request a withdraw or play games. If a player wants to reopen their account before the take a break period has expired then they need to contact customer support. The customer support agent will provide you with a form that requires you to state the reasons for taking the break initially and why you would like to reopen the account. If the form is accepted a 7 day cool down period will kickin before you can access your account.

Setting Limits

To keep gambling at Fortuin Casino in control we offer, next to our take a break system, a set of advanced limits you can impose. The various limit options we offer are a Loss Limit, Wager Limit, Time Limit and Deposit Limit. Below the limits are explained briefly:

  1. 1. Loss Limit – if luck isn’t on your side, set how much you don’t mind losing over an amount of time.
  2. 2. Bet Limit – set how much you allow yourself to wager in a day, week, or month
  3. 3. Time Limit – simply how long you want to have your account to be available to place bets per day.
  4. 4. Deposit Limit – Set a maximum amount you would like to be able to deposit within the period of a day, week or month.
The Loss, Bet, Time, and Deposit limits take effect immediately as you make them more restrictive, for example, changing the deposit limit from 2000 a month to 1000 a month. If you want to change the limit and increase the size, going from 1000 monthly deposit limit to 2000 monthly deposit limit, there is a seven day cool off period before the new limit is active. This protection is to ensure the player has had time to think over the new limit and not be in the heat of the moment.

Responsible Gaming Assistance

For any of the limits or player protection available, please contact customer support who will be on hand to help you create the account that is right for you. If you find yourself needing more help please consider the use of the following services.


Is software that is designed to stop you from being able to access gambling websites. Visit for more information about their service and to download the software.

Problem Gambling support

If you are unable to control your online gaming and feel your playing is excessive and causing you trouble, these organisations are ready to give you the support you need to overcome this.

  • (offers help in English/Turkish/Dutch and Arabic)
  • (English only)


Op 27 mei 2017 jl. heeft de Nederlandse Kansspelautoriteit aangekondigd nieuwe stappen te zetten in het bestrijden van kansspelen op afstand met als resultaat dat nieuwe prioriteringscriteria worden toegepast per 1 juni 2017.

Door de wijziging van deze wetgeving zijn wij genoodzaakt Fortuin Casino te sluiten per 1 juni 2017.

Dit is natuurlijk zeer vervelend nieuws, voornamelijk ten aanzien van de timing en de snelheid waarmee we dit besluit hebben moeten nemen.

Vanzelfsprekend, onze oprechte excuses voor het ongemak!

Met vriendelijke groet,


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